Member Monday: Meet Some of Our New Members!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to some of the newest members of the NYC chapter!

Pnina Moed Kass was introduced to the organization and NY chapter by Roz Reisner. You might call her a member “in absentia” as she lives in Israel. An ex-NYer, a children’s book writer (3 in the U.S., 9 in Israel), editor and translator, Pnina really enjoys keeping in touch with the book world, particularly what’s happening in NY. Of course she receives PW, BOOKLIST, etc., but the informality of being a “virtual” member is fun.  Visit her website (in English and Hebrew) at
Liberty Schauf moved to New York from Houston this summer. She will be completing her MS in Publishing at Pace University this fall. Her career goal is to be an editor for YA fiction. She looks forward to meeting new people in her new city through the WNBA.
Stefanie Lipsey, MFA, MLS, is a poet, teacher, and librarian. She has been a reader and workshop leader in libraries and bookstores in the NYC area for over ten years. Stefanie is the author of Sound Cliff: Twelve Words to a More Creative Life. Visit her online at
Andrea Baron has worked in publishing for over 20 years, starting her career in printing and book publishing, and also working in magazine publishing and digital production.  She earned an MS in Publishing degree from Pace University, and has been teaching in the Publishing program for the past ten years. In addition to classroom teaching, Andrea has helped develop online courses reaching students all over the US and several other countries. As a travel enthusiast, she particularly enjoys her participation in the Pace China publishing exchange program.


  1. Welcome Pnina, Liberty,Stefanie, and Andrea. Looking forward to meeting you at one of our functions – I may even call to ask for help with my new job as Refreshment Coordinator:)) Pnina, I won’t call you.You’re a bit too far to pick up wine and soda, though if you’d like to fly in, it would be lovely meeting you.

  2. welcome all new members, with a special Shalom to Pnina, whose books my Israeli cousins’ kids surely read. We hope to meet all of you virtually and in the real world soon. Sheila Lewis