Committee Chairs & Board Members

Chair of Publisher Outreach: Sarah Woodruff

Blog Manager: Katherine Akey

Blogger: Allison Keene

Social Medial Coordinator: Anne Kemper

Designer: Andrea St. Aubin

New York Bookwoman Proofreader: Roz Reisner

Academic Liaison: Harriet Shenkman

UN Liaison: Jill Tardiff
Jill is a cheese entusiast (aka caseus fanaticus), cheesemonger, art lover, reader, photographer, and marketing/promotion consultant (traditional, social media).

UN Liaison: Marilyn Berkman

Marilyn is a writer and freelance editor specializing in materials for cultural, educational, and non-profit organizations.

UN Youth Representative: Rachel Kelly

Neighborhood Lunch Series Coordinator: Susan Sparks

Hospitality Coordinator: Lei Zhong

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