Feature Friday: Hey Girls at Housing Works

By Hannah Bennett

Combine feminism, books, and Ryan Gosling, and you’ll be hard pressed to keep away devoted WNBA-ers like Erica Misoshnik and myself!  When we heard about the event at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, celebrating the release of Feminist Ryan Gosling, The Book, we knew this was just the place to be on Thursday night.  And even though Ryan Gosling did not make an appearance (he was never supposed to, but we held out hope anyway, and did our hair just in case), the event made for a fantastic evening.  Wonderful women, free drinks, and all the eye candy we could ask for!

Take a look at some of our snapshots of the evening:

Erica (right) and I, mingling before the main event.

The bookstore was packed with people who love Tumblr, people who love feminism, and people who love Ryan Gosling. We, of course, love all three.

The lovely Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, in which all books are donated.

Tumblr and Housing Works invited a fellow blogger, Slaughterhouse 90210′s Maris Kreizman, to open the event.  Slaughterhouse 90210 is known for pairing movie stills with quotes from famous literature.  For last night’s event, Kreizman prepared a slideshow of Ryan Gosling movie stills with appropriately poignant quotes.

All of Kreizman’s slides were eye-catching, but this one was particularly pretty. Er, um, insightful.  Particularly insightful.

Showing off my new purchase!

The book’s author, Danielle Henderson, talked about her modern ideas on feminism and her deep gratitude for the way in which people have embraced her Tumblr.

At the end of the evening, we stayed to get our books signed by the author. Here, Erica poses with the charming Ms. Henderson.

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