WNBA Wednesday: Upcoming Member Events

BEAlogoBEA Dinner
Thursday, May 30,  2013
Pepe Giallo (253 10th Ave.)
5:45pm – 8:00pm

NYC Chapter (WNBA-NYC) will be hosting a dinner for chapter members attending Book Expo America (BEA). This is a fun opportunity to make new connections with fellow book professionals and book lovers, talk about industry trends, compare notes from the BEA floor, and take a break from the page-turning madness that is BEA.
Dinner (at your own expense) will be at 5:45PM, but starting at 4PM we will be having pre-dinner snacks and drinks at a member’s apartment close to the restaurant, where we can put down the our bags of galleys for a while and rest those weary feet. The address will be given at the time of your RSVP.Please join us for a fun dinner with new friends and old, and a welcome break from walking the floor at The Javits Center!

RSVP programs@wnba-nyc.org

lunch picJune Neighborhood Lunch
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Bombay Palace
(30 W. 52nd St.)

Our last Neighborhood lunch of the season will be held at Bombay Palace, a sumptuously decorated midtown eatery which boasts “a hodgepodge of culinary styles, each with its own distinctive spices, herbs, ingredients, and techniques, many of which are evident in our efforts. Dishes can contain a blend of 20, 30, 40, or more spices and herbs.”
Come and recap WNBA-NYC’s 2012/13 season and share your plans for the summer. Neighborhood lunches are a great opportunity to network, so bring your business cards. And if you have a friend who’s interested in joining the chapter, please bring them along too!

RSVP Janet Mazefsky: jmazefsky@aol.com

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