WNBA Wednesday: Blog & Social Media Volunteer Needed

Happy WNBA Wednesday! I didn’t get enough submissions to the Question of the Month to post today. But it will be back next Wednesday. What is your all-time favorite book with a love theme? Send answers to blog@wnba-nyc.org.


In other WNBA-NYC Blog and Social Media news…

I need Help


The Women’s National Book Association NYC chapter is looking for a volunteer to write for their blog and help maintain social media websites. This position runs until June and requires a commitment of 5-10 hours per week. The volunteer will be under the supervision the Blog and Social Media Manager Liberty Schauf.

The WNBA-NYC Blog & Social Media volunteer will receive membership in the Women’s National Book Association (2014-15), complete with all associated benefits.

Overall Duties:

  • Schedule and post 1-2 blogs per week with appropriate tags and hyperlinks and categories.
  • Edit the pieces that will be posted. Final editorial decisions will be made by the Blog and Social Media Manager.
  • Screen, choose, and post accompanying pictures and other media.
  • Connect the blog with other social media outlets, and publicize the blog on social media sites with the objective of building a following.
  • Must be comfortable conducting interview and writing event recaps.
  • Attend Chapter Board Meeting (held every 6-8 weeks during the calendar year)
  • Attend WNBA-NYC Chapter events

Candidate Requirements:

  • WordPress, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Excellent skills at organization, proof-reading, and the ability to work  with minimum direct supervision.


If interested, please send your resume and a cover letter to Liberty Schauf at blog@wnba-nyc.org.



About Blog Editor

The Women’s National Book Association was founded in 1917 by female booksellers who weren’t allowed in the men’s organizations. Nearly 100 years later, the WNBA is still supporting women in the book industry through literary events, networking, literacy projects, workshops, open mic nights, book clubs, and many other entertaining programs throughout the season!

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