Member Mondays: Member Updates

Our outstanding members are becoming best selling authors, starting new careers, and launching websites – just to name a few of the many things they are doing! Read below for more.

Deborah Brodie, freelance editor and book doctor, moderates the New School Forum on Writing for Children. Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m. 66 West 12th  Street. Fee $5.oo. February 7, author Andrea Davis Pinkney; March 27, author Enrique  Floris-Galbis; April 24:  Getting Published, panel event with agents and editors. Details.

Robin Lamont‘s self-published suspense novel If Thy Right Hand was named one of Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2011.  It’s the story of an impassioned sex crimes prosecutor whose own son is accused of molesting two young boys. Robin recently signed with literary agent Alice Martell, who will be handling Robin’s new book Wright for America.


Caroline Leavitt‘s novel Pictures of You became a USA Today bestseller one year after publication. A New York Times bestseller, it also made the Best Books of 2011 list from the San Francisco Chronicle, The Providence Journal, Bookmarks Magazine, and Kirkus Reviews, where it was also one of Kirkus’s top five books on family and love.


Anna Olswanger‘s Passover musical, based upon her books Shlemiel Crooks and Chicken Bone Man, will be performed by the Poppy Seed Players at New York’s Kaufman Center. Narrated by Jerry, the family dog, and featuring a couple of dimwitted crooks, this warm-hearted musical is about following your dreams. Sunday, April 1. Details.


Carol Rial has launched her website for editing and coaching needs of professional and new writers.  After receiving an MFA in Fiction Writing and working as a book scout for Miramax Films, Carol worked for Pulitzer Prize winner Art Buchwald and went on to edit numerous books and short stories by other authors. She is also a writing instructor at Hunter College.

Harikleia Sirmans, translator of The Agony of Survival by Dr. Spyros Vrettos by Infinity Publishing, addresses the salvation of humans from multiple imminent dangers and threatening disasters that are the result of technological progress, the degradation of the environment, and the exploitation of natural resources. Details.

Rachel Slaiman recently accepted an editorial assistant position with an online-only company, Worldette, a site about women who love to travel and who care about their world. While doing this and her other freelancing gig, she is still currently looking for full time work, but is pleased that she has been able to start somewhere.

Stephanie A. Smith has just signed a contract with Thames River Press in London for a three novel series about women, work and art. (You can read more about that here.)

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