Member Monday: Meet Our New UN Youth Representatives!

The WNBA-NYC chapter is happy to announce our two new WNBA DPI/NGO United Nations Youth Representatives for 2013!

DianaDiana Cavallo is a graduate student in Pace University’s Masters in Publishing program. She completed her undergraduate education at Pace University’s Pleasantville campus in May of 2012, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications and a minor in Creative Writing. Diana was the Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Pforzheimer Honors College newsletter, SCHOLASTICA, and a featured writer in VOX Literary & Arts magazine. She has held publishing internship positions with The Association of American Publishers and Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Diana will also begin an exciting Social Media internship with Simon & Schuster in the spring of 2013.

Diana is very grateful to have been chosen as a Youth Representative for the Women’s National Book Association to the United Nations. She was interested in this position because of her longtime passion for reading and writing, and desire to help others through charity work. Diana greatly respects the Women’s National Book Association’s literacy and awareness objectives and their emphasis on educating youth about developments in the book community. As a young woman entering publishing, she hopes to use this proactive outlet to help the voices and concerns of female readers be heard and appreciated. In her future career, she plans to focus on the editorial, publicity and marketing aspects of the field, in both book and magazine publishing. Ultimately, Diana hopes to become a bestselling novelist and children’s book author.

JennaJenna Vaccaro is a Graduate Assistant at Pace University pursuing a Master’s of Science in Publishing. She explored her passion for news, politics, and media through her undergraduate attendance at American University in Washington DC. She ultimately graduated with a major in Law and Society, and a minor in Sociology.  Throughout college, Jenna worked part time at the Smithsonian’s Asian art museums, the Freer and Sackler Galleries of Art. Her first experience with professional publishing was through a college internship at the American Humanist Association. As an intern for the magazine The Humanist, Jenna learned about the role of an editor, the design of a magazine, and the circulation of a periodical.

Jenna is absolutely ecstatic to be working with the Woman’s National Book Association as one of its Youth Representatives for the United Nations. After working in an international museum exploring different cultures, this is a perfect outlet to focus those years of research, work, and study. With her interest in government and society, there is no better way to combine all of her past intellectual interests into one perfect internship. Jenna hopes to learn more about working with other NGOs, spread the message of the United Nations and the Department of Public Information, and meet other motivated young people. As a member of the Woman’s National Book Association, Jenna cannot wait to start empowering women home and abroad through literacy and publishing.

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