Ladies Who Brunch Discuss Mister Monkey

written by Guest Blogger Rachel Slaiman

On February 12th at the Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village, a small group of ladies met to discuss the book Mister Monkey by Francine Prose. Comedy, multiple points of view including the author’s mixed with religious aspects, the author takes this non-traditional play and delves deeper into the topics of childhood, aging, and love. The group concluded that there were multiple stories in one book which lead to a very broad discussion which attendees were not shy to voice their opinion.

Ladies Who Brunch Discuss Mister Monkey

L to R: Ala Wesonowska, Jill Wisoff, Rachel Slaiman

Mister Monkey is an odd children’s musical about a playful chimpanzee that survives past his prime. Because of the nature of the play, actress Margot who plays the chimp’s lawyer, feels her acting career is going to fail. Reluctantly, she plays the part not knowing what will happen.  She then receives a mysterious letter from an anonymous admires that we learn later is Adam, yet he is 12 years old playing the title role.

The next book club meeting is on April 22nd and the book will be The Cosmopolitans by Sarah Schulman. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and other great books are being considered for later months.


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