In Case You Missed National Reading Group Month

Did you miss the National Reading Group Month panel event at the Strand?  We have you covered!  The event was a great success, and we thought we’d bring you some of the responses from the blogosphere.

One blog post about the event was written by Heather Allen, an MS in Publishing student at Pace University.  She wrote an excellent account for the Pace Publishing blog, in which she described some of her favorite author moments.

The conversation was again moved toward writing and its meaning to each individual. In summary, it seems that these authors couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s obvious from watching them and learning about them that they care deeply about the characters and every single detail that goes into their novels. Nunez said she felt safest writing, de los Santos writes because she’s not good at anything else, but Maine summed it up nicely, “Some people believe in God because they are afraid of being an atheist, that’s how I feel about writing – what would I do not as a writer.”

Read the full article on the Pace blog here!

David Maine, one of the authors on the panel, also wrote a piece for his own blog.  His funny and personal post gives readers a different point of view on the event:

And as you can also see from this photo, there were actual human people in the audience last night, listening to what we were saying or at least sitting upright and laughing at all the right moments, which is pretty much all I ask of any audience. I’d guess there were about 50 people there, including maybe 6 to 8 from the WNBA, which is a hefty turnout indeed by Dave Maine standards.”

Read the full article on David Maine’s blog here!

But if you really want to know how the event turned out, there’s nothing better than the video. Watch the entire panel below!

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