Feature Friday: Article Roundup!

This week, thanks to our well-read WNBA-NYC community, I received quite a few recommendations about blog-worthy articles.  So, rather than feature one article this Friday, I thought I would pass along all of these excellent recommendations in one roundup post!  The articles below all cover different facets of today’s publishing world, from retailers embracing old traditions, to publishers negotiating new territories.


While ebook sales have skyrocketed this year, New York City has been home to a growing trend of appreciating the physical book as art. In this New York Times article from August 16th, Randy Kennedy describes the emergence of bookstore “galleries,” or “art-book establishments that transcend the bounds of the bookstore.”

Bookstores for Gazers

On the other side of the retail spectrum, the Department of Justice case continues, with the DOJ urging the court to reject the most recent objections made by companies such as Apple, Macmillan, and Penguin.  This Publishers Weekly article by Jim Milliot from August 23rd reports upon the developments. The reader comments at the bottom highlight the controversial nature of this case.

DOJ Says Court Should Approve E-Book Deal Without Delay

Long-time used book seller Larry McMurtry downsized his inventory by auctioning off an enormous number of used books. This made for a huge event in rural Archer City, which brought together a variety of booksellers and book lovers from around the country.  John Williams talked to Mr. McMurtry and many of the used book buyers in his New York Times article from August 12th.

Wanted, Dead or Alive: Used Books

And finally, Pannell Award winning bookstore Book Beat turns 30!  Read this Deadline Detroit article from August 19th, along with the Q&A with store founder Carey Loren, to learn more about this amazing bookstore.

Book Beat Beats the Odds for Independent Bookstores, Turns 30