Bookmark This!: Valentine’s Day Special Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a cold, blustery, snow-slushy day but today people of all ages will exchange cards, candy, flowers and gifts all in the name of Valentine’s Day.


In this special edition of Bookmark This! we have Valentine’s Day facts, history, love songs, books, horrifying love lives, romantic movies, tips on landing a date and some very unique “Bookish Marriage Proposals”. Red headings are clickable links to the articles.


History of Valentine’s Day 

According to, Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century. Here’s more on the history of the holiday in this video:


8 Surprising Facts About The $17 Billion Valentine’s Day Industry

When it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts who do you think spends more: men or women? Which popular gifts are actually cheaper during the month of February? The answers could surprise you.


Nine facts about Valentine’s Day

This article has facts that don’t have to do with the commercial aspect of the holiday. Where does the traditional Valentine’s Day heart come from? What antibiotic was discovered on Valentine’s Day?


Can William Shakespeare Help You Land a Date?

“Need help with landing a Valentine’s Day date? Language expert Anthony John Peters explains why Shakespeare’s coy use of metaphor was so effective in a two-minute TED-Ed lesson.” The video is below:


9 Kids’ Books To Read For Valentine’s Day (And Love For The Rest Of The Year, Too)

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers it can be a great way for kids to celebrate “affection in all it’s many forms.”


Modern Love Stories to Captivate You

“Love may be one of literature’s oldest topics but if an agile, exciting writer takes it on, love can feel new. The books on this week’s list grapple with modern love and the many ways we fall for one another nowadays.”


Top 50 Songs of All Time has ranked the biggest love songs in honor of Valentine’s Day. Each song hit the HOT 100 list at least once. Number 50 on the list is “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles and the number 1 song is “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie. Here’s number 6:


The Horrifying Love Lives of Famous Authors

Dating a writer may not be as romantic as some may think. This is a list of famous writers who treated their significant other in horrible and sometimes unthinkable ways.


8 Bookish Marriage Proposals That Make Us Swoon

Finding true love can be hard but finding the best way to propose could be harder. These couples not only love each other but they are book lovers. That’s a lot of love! See how they made their proposals romantic in a “bookish” way.


The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Made

Valentine’s Day plans never turn out the way we imagine. Mostly because they aren’t the romantic movies that we have watch over and over again. Coming in at number 50: The Notebook. The number 1 movie? It involves a pirate, a princess, a giant and an Italian with vengeance on his mind.

A clip from number 36 is below. You know it’s love when you risk catching a cold because you are professing your love while dancing in the rain.  Did your favorite make the list?


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