Bookmark This! 12 Thanksgiving Recipes From Famous Authors


Still deciding your Thanksgiving menu? Need some inspiration? Stop trolling cooking websites, channels, and cookbooks. Thanksgiving is a great time to turn to some famous authors and try one of their recipes, like these 12 Thanksgiving Recipes.

These mouth watering recipes will not only be a great addition to your Thanksgiving Day table, but also great conversation starters among you and your guests.

Just as you are unbuttoning your pants to make room for that huge feast you ate, you can read recipes 7-12 which are a few of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 12 Ways to Prepare Turkey from The Crack-Up. You can bust your gut with laughter and get inspiration on what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you decide to try one of these delicious recipes, please send us photos of your culinary achievement to

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Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating!

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