Guest Writer Guidelines

The WNBA-NYC is the platform for women in publishing. We want to showcase the diverse talent and voices of our community. Our goal is to be the first source of information for our community. We support our contributors with a full complement of social media tools to drive readers to your posts.

We invite blog posts from our members who have strong communities of their own. We’d also like posts that fit the following criteria:

  •      a polished, ready-to-publish article between 400–800 words in length (this link offers a great template for engaging blog posts)
  •      a 2–3 sentence third-person bio, including links to your social media, blogs, and websites
  •      a high-quality, professional photograph of you (480 x 640, with a 3:4 aspect ratio)
  •      a release for any non-member interviews

Ideally, guest writers might choose one of the following topics for their articles:

  •      Meet a Member – a member spotlight focusing equally on both career and personal life
  •      Book Marketing 101 – book marketing tips that have worked for you
  •      Verso/Recto – well-composed viewpoints and opinions
  •      First Look – 350-word excerpt from upcoming publication

We prefer the post as an exclusive to the WNBA-NYC blog. Other article ideas are more than welcome, though please query the idea before writing it for the blog.

As a guest writer, you’re not just a guest—you’re part of the team. That’s why we require our guest writers to both 1. link to the WNBA-NYC blog in a consequent post and 2. to answer comments on the post for at least five days. It’s a fun way to connect your blog and personality right back to the chapter and to your fellow members. Please follow our Social Media Guidelines when posting comments.

Again, please note that guest writers must be members of the WNBA-NYC. Interested in joining? To see what a membership offers, click here.

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