WNBA Wednesday: Women in the World of Words

An invitation to the first unofficial meeting of the WNBA

Founded in 1917, the Women’s National Book Association is an impressive 95 years old, and quickly approaching its 100th birthday!  The organization has accomplished much since the founding chapter in New York was established, but as we plan our upcoming calendar year, it is easy to forget the amazing women who got us here.  Thus, this week we thought it fitting to share with you Women in the World of Words, a “chronological vignette drawn from the archives,” which was created in 1967 for the 50th anniversary of the WNBA.

This chronicle is a truly fascinating look at the history of the WNBA, beginning with the WNBA creed and a letter from the 1967 National President, Victoria Johnson.  It moves on to document the formation of the organization, including photos of the original invitations.  In fact, images of past invitations, event flyers, and newspaper clippings comprise much of the document, giving readers a taste of what it might have been like to join the WNBA in another era.  It also includes information on some of the WNBA’s most esteemed past members, as well as the beginnings of The Bookwoman.  For anyone interested in the rich history of the WNBA, Women in the World of Words is a remarkable read!

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