WNBA Wednesday: Brooklyn Book Festival!

Join the WNBA-NYC at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 23rd, at Booth 130!

The WNBA-NYC chapter will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival again this year, and we need volunteers!  Come enjoy the festival and hang out at our booth for a short time with your fellow WNBA-ers. This is fun way to meet some amazing people, represent your chapter, and take advantage of a truly great festival.  Ideally, we would like volunteers to man (or woman) the booth for one 2-hour shift (or more, if you want to help out!), helping to promote our upcoming season of events and build interest in the organization.

Members will be allowed to leave promotional materials that they can drop off at the booth the morning of the festival, though we will NOT be selling books. Representatives from National Reading Group Month will also be at the booth to promote this year’s Great Group Reads. Last year’s Brooklyn Book Festival was a great success, and we hope to continue the positive experience this year!

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the event, email Hannah Bennett and Erica Misoshnik at programs@wnba-nyc.org, and put ‘Brooklyn Book Festival’ in the subject line.  If you can’t volunteer for a shift, we hope you will still come out to enjoy the festival and stop by the booth!

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