WNBA-NYC Celebrates Reading at Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn Book Fest


Written by Linda Rosen and Rachel Slaiman


Brooklyn Book Fest 1The wind was blowing through Cadmen Plaza on Sunday September 20th. Linda Rosen and Alaina Waagner were setting up the WNBA/NRGM booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival trying to keep the Great Group Reads fliers from sailing off across the East River. WNBA bookmarks came to the rescue, holding them down. Fighting the whipping breeze, the women managed to display the actual books from the 2015 list. Then, with WNBA brochures secured by rocks and the candy bowl in place, they were ready for a terrific day. Rachel Weiss-Feldman arrived to assist bringing the necessary paraphernalia for new members and the crowds started coming. The day was filled with an energy that never lapsed. The sun blazed through the clouds and the wind died down as our volunteers took their turns at the booth. Thank you Sharon Watson, Anna French-Hernandez, Jennifer Johnson-Blalock, Helen Seachrist, and Rachel Slaiman for all your hard work.

There was a great deal of buzz at the booth all day long. Festival attendees were thrilled with the GGR list of suggested novels and memoirs for their book clubs, or, simply, for their own reading pleasure. Our upcoming programs had them signing up for our mailing list and we hope to see many new faces in the coming weeks.

The Brooklyn Book Festival pays homage to independent and literary presses across the nation. Many of the publishers whose books made the GGR list were represented and all were very pleased that their book was chosen. The amount of information and goodies you gather at the festival is indescribable. It is definitely well worth the year long wait for this annual event.


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