Member Monday: An Interview with New Member Karen Nourizadeh

by Tqwana Brown

Karen Nourizadeh is
a writer, yoga instructor, wellness expert, inspirational speaker and media contributor based in New York City, where she has been living for the past 22 years. After leaving Corporate America and a job as an attorney, Karen embarked on a journey to help people heal themselves, mentally and physically, through the spiritual and physical practice of yoga. Karen is completing her first work, Follow Your Heart, a memoir detailing her struggles and path, one in which she needed to shed her fears and others’ expectations in order to reveal her true self and fulfill her destiny.  Through her story, Karen hopes to inspire others to shed their own fears and realize their  potential in order to create a magnificent life.

Welcome to the NYC Chapter of the WNBA-NYC! How did you become involved with the organization?

I learned about WNBA-NYC Chapter through Twitter!

Tell us more about what you’re writing?

I’ve just completed my first non-fiction book, a true tale of inner transformation by a ‘recovering attorney’ (me), inspired by yoga and a 10 year old Indian boy.   I have an agent in NYC who has submitted the manuscript to several major publishers and I pray!  I also write for several blog sites – Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and On Fire At Fifty.  I write on topics of nutrition, exercise, spiritual inspiration, as well as the role of women in today’s world.

What are some things you’re learning on your journey to being published? What advice or suggestions can you offer to other inspiring writers?

It is a long journey which requires patience, passion, tenacity and consistent effort.  I never imagined how much I would re-write and make edits, but much of the magic is in the re-writes.  Write authentically from your truth or heart, not what you think others might want to read.  If it’s your truth, your heart, your vision, others will want to read it. Making connections, references, referrals to agents and publishers is always helpful and can aid in speeding up the process. So join organizations to network and don’t be shy!  I am going to the Writer’s Workshop in Woodstock the weekend of April 19, 2013  to inspire myself through other authors’ experiences and works.

What’s your favorite word?


What are you currently reading?

I just finished reading Rita Gigante’s, The Godfather’s Daughter and Thunderstruck by Erik Larson.  I have ordered Wild, by Cheryl Strayed and Man on Wire, by Phillippe Petit.

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  1. I met Karen at the WNBA-NY chapter lunch recently. Wonderful person. Looking forward to reading her book!

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