Marketing Panelists Set to Help You SELL It!

by Melissa A. Rosati

I’m beyond excited to moderate Thursday’s book marketing event (April 23rd) at the Wix Lounge. First, the title says it all:

You Wrote It, Now You Have to SELL It! 

Second, thanks to WNBA member Jessica Napp, we have an outstanding panel of marketing, sales, and social media experts to lead us to success. You will have the opportunity to network with our panelists.

Penny Anna Makras, Senior Marketing Manager at HarperCollins Publishers

Michelle Blankenship, President at Blankenship Public Relations

Lori Shurtz, National Accounts Manager, Penguin Random House, Publisher Services

Darcie Rowan, Darcie Rowan PR & Social Media

To prepare for our panel discussion, I asked each panelist what was on their Author Marketing Skill Wish List. In other words, what marketing knowledge or skills help an author to make an impact with her book? Also, what skills are most effective when working with the publishing team?

Our goal for the evening is for YOU to leave with at least one action step to strengthen a skill you have now in your marketing toolbox, and/or to build a new skill that will help you succeed. If you have not yet registered, REGISTER NOW.

Browse the panel’s Wish List of Author Marketing Skills and jot down your how-to questions for refining or developing your marketing skills.

10 Key Author Marketing Skills for Success

1. Ask focused questions.

2. Set expectations and be realistic.

3. Be aware of current events and topics where you can weigh in as an expert.

4. Make it easy for people to find you in search engines. Be consistent with your social handles.

5. Make your goal to build a community of readers. Do more listening than talking.

6. Maintain your own mailing lists of contacts.

7. Know your audience and be specific when asked about it.

8. Demonstrate knowledge of competition and how you are different from them.

9.  Cultivate your readers by being active on a few social platforms consistently.

10. Brainstorm with a marketing professional to learn who is your audience and socialize on platforms that make sense for the people you want to reach.

With so much material to discuss, be on time and bring a friend. The event is Thursday, April 23rd, at 6 p.m., Wix Lounge, 235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY.


Thank you to our sponsor for hosting us at the Wix Lounge. Wix enables you to build a FREE and professional online presence, just the way you want it. Create your own beautiful Wix website now! #wixevents


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