About the Women’s National Book Association: Introducing your bloggers!

The current hosts of our blog are two student interns, Erica Misoshnik and Hannah Bennett.

Erica is currently finishing up the second half of her combined B.A./M.S. degree in the Publishing program at Pace University and is trying very hard to prevent a run on sentence or any other grammatical mistakes.

Hannah has just finished her first semester at Pace University, seeking an M.S. in Publishing, and is likely breaking her Crumbs cupcakes resolution as we speak.

Together with the help of New York Bookwoman editors Linda Epstein and Rhona Whitty, and the feedback and submissions of our readers, Erica and Hannah will strive to bring you all the news that’s fit to print about women in the world of books, and perhaps some of the news that’s not.


  1. Hi Erica and Hannah. Oh, those Crumbs cupcakes look good! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on what’s new in publishing–WNBA is certainly a welcoming place. Happy New Year to you two.