Holiday Party: Mix and A-Mingle is a Swell Time

Holiday Party: Mix and A-Mingle is a Swell Timeby Liberty Schauf

Liberty Schauf is the WNBA-NYC Blog and Social Media Co-Editor. Liberty moved to New York from Houston in May 2012. She completed her M.S. in Publishing degree at Pace University in December 2012. Her career goal is to be an editor for YA fiction. Right now she is doing freelance writing, blogging, editing and ghost tweeting.

Happy Holidays

When I walked into Rachel Weiss-Feldman’s building on the Upper East Side I was immediately hit with the happiness that comes with the holidays. That feeling didn’t come from the decorated tree and lights but from the sense of belonging when I entered the room. I felt at ease due to all of the fellow book lovers, the wrapped books, and delicious food.

I had just come back the day before from a month long stay in Houston while I recuperated from a broken ankle. I am still in a boot that is more of a hindrance than help but luckily I wasn’t stuck sitting in a corner with no one to talk with. Everyone was in a festive mood and were mingling and making their way around the room making sure they spoke with everyone. We may be book lovers but we are not wall flowers.

All attention turned towards WNBA-NYC President Jane Kinney-Denning and Vice-President Rosalind Reisner when it was time to get a wrapped book gift. Everyone eagerly ripped the paper off to discover what book lay underneath. Afterwards we all traded and talked about the books like a couple of 8-10 year old kids trading baseball cards.

The only thing that may have outshone the books was the beautiful and delicious table of treats and eats. It was a great array of food that everyone eagerly dove into. Salmon, hummus, pasta and Jane’s famous fudge, OH MY! If I weren’t worried that I would tip over from the extra weight I would have taken a Texas sized doggie bag home with me!

Marlene Veloso was also on hand to not only take part in the social gathering but to accept more book donations on behalf Kids Research Center. Marlene gave us an update and said prior to the Holiday Party WNBA-NYC has donated 506 books. Which means we went beyond our goal of 500. Marlene says the Learning Center should be open in the spring.

I really enjoy going to WNBA-NYC events because I can talk about my favorite topics: books, book news and events. Plus, if that topic of discussion ever seems to ebb (which hardly ever happens) we can always talk about this great city we live in and our favorite indie bookstores. Speaking of your favorite bookstore, it’s time to nominate a bookstore “that enhances their communities by bringing exceptional creativity to foster a love of reading in their young patrons” for the WNBA Pannell AwardThe submission of nominations is due by December 15, 2013.

Check out some pictures from the party.

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