Happy Thanksgiving!

This has certainly been a year of ups and downs for all of us.  But as the holidays begin, and with them the excessive pie eating and nap taking, I cannot help but to feel incredibly grateful.

I am grateful for New York City, in all of its resilient splendor.  I am grateful for this city that bounces back and helps out in a crisis.  This city that took in a girl from North Carolina and made her feel welcome and alive.  This city that surprises me daily through the simple acts of kindness and generosity and love that I witness on the streets.

And I am grateful for this community of women whose lives are so touched by their shared passion: books.  I am grateful for their commitment to literacy and education, and for their obvious joy in reading.  For their exuberantly bookish company, and for their overwhelming support.  How lucky am I, to have met this community of extraordinary book women?

To the New Yorkers, the book lovers, and everyone else:  Happy Thanksgiving from the WNBA-NYC!


  1. Lovely post! Thank you for it. Sonia

  2. Lovely. I wish everyone a very happy holiday and wonderful coming year, and I, too am grateful for this community of interesting women. I’m so glad to have found WNBA, to share my love of literature and writing with this great group of welcoming women.