Final Reminder: Digital Marketing and PR Panel

We can’t wait for tomorrow’s Digital Marketing and PR Panel moderated by Susannah Greenberg!

The event starts at 12:30 PM (Check-in at 12:15 PM) at the Hachette Atrium, located on 237 Park Avenue. Enter @ Lexington between 45th and 46th Streets, 13th floor (Map)

The event is sold out but if you can’t make it, we’ve got you covered. You can watch it streaming live online at (No registration required to watch online!)


  1. NOTE: You will NOT be admitted if you have not pre-registered. Security will not allow it. Thank you.

    On a friendlier note, looking forward to this event! And there is still time for you to email me your questions for the panelists so we can discuss them. E-mail me at

    Thanks! — Susannah

  2. One author I know has made the statement – “I’ll either have a social network, or I’ll write novels. It’s one or the other.”

    How much is to be expected of authors vs. publishers at this juncture? Will publishers ever catch up to the specificity of each book’s needs? We are very wedded, still, to an older model of category marketing and publishing. What’s the key element that needs to change?

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