Feature Friday: Article Roundup!

I enjoyed researching and writing the last article roundup so much, I thought I would do it again!  This week, I wanted to start with an interview suggested by our chapter President, Jane Kinney-Denning.  In an NPR interview conducted by JJ Sutherland entitled, “For Julie Smith, It’s All About New Orleans’ Secrets,” author Julie Smith describes what it’s like to write mysteries in New Orleans.  Julie Smith is the author of over a dozen books, and also a member of the New Orleans chapter of the WNBA!

Next, some publishing news:  the courts have approved the ebook settlement between the Department of Justice and three major publishers–Hachette, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins.  GalleyCat posted the news yesterday, September 6th, in an article by Jason Boog entitled, “Settlement Approved Between DOJ & Three Publishers.”  According to the article, the decision of the publishers to settle without admitting wrongdoing was a financial and business decision.

On the lighter side of books, The Atlantic Wire has published a diagnostic guide to reading styles.  The article, entitled, “What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide,” was written by Jen Doll on August 29th, and describes some of the most common types of readers.  For example, you might be a ‘Book-Buster,’ a destroyer of books, or perhaps you are the self-explanatory ‘Sleepy Bedtime Reader.’  I am a ‘Chronological Reader’ and a ‘Cross-Under.’  What are you?

Finally, just for fun, I wanted to link to a favorite blogger, Nathan Bransford.  Bransford posted, “The Publishing Process in GIF Form,” on August 27th, which is a post I think all of our authors can relate to!


  1. Nice roundup! Good to learn about WNBA New Orleans member Julie Smith and congratulations to her.