Call for Member News

Call for Member News


This is a call for Member News!

Did you get signed by a literary agent? Did your book publish? Did you get a new job in publishing?

We want to hear about what’s going on in your publishing life.

Send your news to by Thursday, October 27th at 6pm and your news will also be featured in a special edition of The Bookwoman — dedicated only to member news.  

Guidelines for Member News

  • 20 words maximum per item.
  • Include book art, if warranted.
  • Include links
  • If not linking to author’s/publisher’s website, please hyperlink to Indiebound first, then BN, then Amazon as a last resort.
  • Include all names of people in photos from left to right.

This is the time to brag about your accomplishments and to celebrate WNBA members accomplishments.

Don’t wait, send your news now!

About Blog Editor

The Women’s National Book Association was founded in 1917 by female booksellers who weren’t allowed in the men’s organizations. Nearly 100 years later, the WNBA is still supporting women in the book industry through literary events, networking, literacy projects, workshops, open mic nights, book clubs, and many other entertaining programs throughout the season!

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