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Are you writer? How do you know if you haven’t been “published” yet? In Amy Koko’s article, “What Being A Writer Requires” she goes through her thoughts of whether she can call herself a writer. You can feel her doubt from the actual question “Is it okay to call myself a writer?” to all the writing gadgets and software to how she feels at parties because she is scared people will ask what she does and on what she is working.

As writers ourselves we feel her pain. Then Koko comes up with the best answer that fills me with hope, “I do know what it is that makes me a writer… it is a reader. It is turning myself upside down, and inside out hoping that what I’m saying is touching someone out there, while I sit quietly in here, writing.”

Here are a few more articles that will help you get in the mood to write:

  • How to Write for an Hour – This article is just that, a plethora of tips that will jump-start a budding writer. My favorites are: One is allowed to be afraidAt first, disregard coherency; and Be wary when writing on or about public transit. But, I think the following line is the best: “Doubt is the unwanted guest that follows the writer everywhere. Doubt is unavoidable, but also a great reassurance that a writer is self aware and attuned to his or her worries.”
  • 5 Things Novelists Can Learn From Screenwriters – This article has 5 stupendous tips. As readers we all know these tips because it’s what we subconsciously look for as we read. However, when it comes to writing we are mostly just trying to get the plot on paper and keep the words flowing; so, we may not be paying attention to what makes a great story.
  • 10 Tips That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Writing Resolutions – These tips help you bring down those lofty and possibly out of reach resolutions and helps you streamline them into doable ones. I really liked the how to take “advantage of cool new technology” tip and the “positive reinforcement” tip. Who doesn’t like a massage now and then.Massage
  • Try, Try Again: Rejection Letters Received by Bestselling Authors – This article is for the writers who have finished writing their book and are looking for an agent or publisher. Even some of the best and revered writers were turned down. Failure makes success taste much sweeter.

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Hopefully this article left you with some hope, as well, and gave you a little boost of energy to jump start your writing. cute jump

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