Bookmark This: Semi-Annual “Best of” Lists

victoryHalf the year is gone. There are less than 6 months until Christmas. And yes, you can already find “Best of” lists for the halfway mark of 2013. Here are a few book related tallies for your enjoyment and debate. While there are no surprises with Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life or Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountain’s Echoed appearing on several lists by editors, the fans at Goodreads seem to feel markedly different in their top choices.

And how do these picks stack up against the list that probably counts the most – the top sellers? Does this show a disconnect between what industry professionals want to publish and what the book-buying public wants to read? The top selling print and e-book doesn’t make any of the above lists. Something to ponder.

As a bonus, plant your tongue firmly in cheek and enjoy Flavorwire’s 10 Truly Horrible Beach Reads List.

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