Bookmark This: How Well-Read Are You?


The World English dictionary defines well-read as having read widely and intelligently; erudite.

But, what does “intelligent” reading really mean? Is it possible to objectively define a well-read person? Some would contend that only nonfiction is intelligent reading, while others would argue the merits of the classics and literary fiction versus the more popular “genre” categories.

If you read and read often, shouldn’t that be enough to make you well-read?

Book Riot editor Jeff O’Neal has compiled a list of 100 works of fiction, poetry, and drama (no nonfiction) attempting to “satisfy those competing requirements” of becoming well-read. From Zero to Well-Read in 100 Books has fewer classics that the author states he typically associates with being well-read and more current releases. I’ve read less than 50 of his choices, though I have read different books by some of the great authors he included, and I consider myself fairly well-read.

Head over to Book Riot and check it out to form your own opinion.

What do you think of Jeff’s list? Any glaring omissions? Surprise inclusions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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