Around Town: Grolier Club Exhibit

Now through April 27th, the Grolier Club is hosting the “American Little Magazines of the 1890s: A Revolution in Print” exhibit. getImage.gif

The exhibition “will bring viewers into the world of these magazines, and explore the role they played in the aesthetic and cultural revolts of the fin de siècle. Curated by Dr. Kirsten MacLeod, the items on show will illustrate the relationship of these little magazines to the rise of mass-market periodicals; the Arts and Crafts movement and the work of William Morris; Decadence and Symbolism; and the transatlantic poster revolution that brought fame to artists including Aubrey Beardsley, Toulouse-Lautrec, Will Bradley, and Ethel Reed. While it focuses on the aesthetics of these magazines, the exhibition will also highlight their connection to the era’s major literary, cultural, and social fads and trends, including crazes for the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the “poster girl,” and for bicycling; feminism and the New Woman controversy; the New and Free Thought movements; Tolstoyan socialism; Utopian communities; and health and diet enthusiasms.”

For more on the Grolier Club and Jean Grolier de Servières, his love of books and the history of his library, visit the The Grolier Club website.

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