About the Women’s National Book Association: Awards

The Women’s National Book Association sponsors several prestigious awards through our national organization.

The WNBA Award is presented by the members of the Women’s National Book Association to “a living American woman who derives part or all of her income from books and allied arts, and who has done meritorious work in the world of books beyond the duties or responsibilities of her profession or occupation.”

Given annually, the WNBA Eastman Grant is a cash grant given to a library association in a state where there is a WNBA chapter. The funds are given to support librarian professional development or training offered by an official library association.

The WNBA Pannell Award recognizes and publicly applauds the work of booksellers who stimulate, promote and encourage children’s and young people’s interest in books. It is presented each year at Book Expo America.

For more information about these awards and our national organization, go check out the website.

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