Mission Statement

The Women’s National Book Association is a non-profit organization that supports the community of the book.

WNBA-NYC is the founding chapter of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA). WNBA is a national, nonprofit professional organization for women and men who work with and value books. One of the oldest groups dedicated to books and literary pursuits, its roles are to:

  • Promote literacy and other charitable efforts
  • WNBA was founded by a group of 15 women book sellers who had been excluded from the all-male Booksellers League. They first met in October 1917 at the Sherwood’s Book Store at 19 John Street in downtown New York. One month later, when they had their second meeting, thirty-five women were present. A permanent organization was formed, its first president, Pauline Sherwood.


    WNBA’s unique characteristic was a membership open to women in all facets of the world of books—publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, illustrators, agents, book production people—the only criterion being that part of their income must come from books.

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